Here at Willow Pond Ranch we have two barns that we offer for boarding, the main barn which has 20 horse stalls with attached paddocks, and a separate 6 horse barn with attached paddocks.  All the stalls are 12×12 with attached 12×12 paddocks, and fully matted.  We also offer boarding in our 12×36 paddocks with rain shelter, also fully matted.

Main Barn – $500 per stall & paddock
The main barn is very nice center isle barn, with 10 stalls on each side, half of them are creek-side.  All of the stalls and paddocks are fully matted.  It has an adjacent grain room, and tack room.

Creek-Side Barn – $500 per stall & paddock
The creek-side barn is a 6 stall barn, with a covered matted isle.  All of the stalls and paddocks are matted.  It has an adjacent tack room, and grain room.

Paddock Boarding – $400 per paddock
We have 6 paddocks, 12×36 with rain shelter, and fully matted.

All of our horses are fed twice daily with your choice of oat/alfalfa cubes for breakfast, and grass hay, and/or alfalfa, and have 7 day per week stall cleaning with premium bedding.  All of our boarders have access to our lighted outdoor arena, our well lighted covered arena, and our 45′ round pen.  We also have 4 hot water wash racks with cross ties, and 3 covered tacking areas with cross ties.  We also offer daily graining service of your pre packaged grain soaked in water with our morning oat/alfalfa cubes.

We also offer full care, and additional services:
$80 – Monday-Friday blanket management
$80 – Monday-Friday turn out service in our grass pasture

You can view and print our hold harmless agreement, and boarding contract below:

Fox Equine at Willow Pond Ranch Hold Harmless Agreement
Fox Equine at Willow Pond Ranch Boarding Agreement